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I have spent years of my life not feeling well. I suffered from constant allergies, fatigue, hives, headaches, and stomachaches.  With the assistance of my doctor, I systematically eliminated certain foods and discovered that my body was sensitive to gluten and dairy.  My young son also had similar symptoms in response to these foods.  As a result of this discovery, my son and I drastically changed our diet and eating habits.

Life without gluten and dairy foods has brought me energy and health like I have never felt before.  I can think back and dwell on how my life could have been, but I choose to be thankful that I now have the knowledge and power to control how I feel for the rest of my life.

The real challenge I discovered was finding readily available gluten-free and dairy-free foods with great flavor.  Every week for five years, I had to go to at least four different stores to find a wide enough range of foods we could eat.  I spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on gluten and dairy free foods that didn't taste good.  I loved cookies, bread, cheese, pastas, and cream, and I longed for those textures and flavors without the allergic reaction.

I set out to find great tasting products that my son and I could eat and enjoy.  My husband, who doesn't have an intolerance to gluten or dairy, also needed to enjoy the foods we discovered.  For years I developed a long list of foods that got our "3 Thumbs Up" seal of approval.

I also found it a chore and a waste of gas to drive to all of the stores throughout my county that carried the foods we liked.  We didn't have the space to order large quantities of products online to save money and I was hesitant to order products that we hadn't tried before.  Since I had to take the time to read every label, I sometimes found it challenging to shop with my son.  He gravitated towards foods that his system couldn't tolerate and this sometimes lead both of us to feel frustrated and deprived.   After some time, I met more people that needed a gluten and dairy free diet, and discovered my family was not alone.  Studies have shown that individuals with Celiac Disease should avoid products that contain gluten and that individuals with Autistic Spectrum Disorder can benefit from a diet of gluten and dairy free foods.

I created The Bite Market to provide a "safe" store where everyone could shop, even with children.  Now we all have a wonderful and "safe" place to shop.  No more reading every single label and ingredient list.  No more wasting money on awful flavors.  I believe that if my family and friends approve of these products, then you will like them, too.

To provide a more complete shopping experience, The Bite Market carries basic staples such as rice, beans, and locally grown produce. We also carry a variety of environmentally friendly home products to save you time and money, while being considerate of what is best for our planet.

Thank you for your support and we truly hope that The Bite Market can satisfy the need in our community for products that provide nutrition, taste, convenience, and sustainability.


Bridget Reilly
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